QH Aviation Services

Headsets, Parts, upgrade kits, and servicing. 


Please contact for outside of North America Shipping Rates prior to purchase.  

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Services we offer include:

- Repairs and modifications to your existing headset.

- Headset rebuilding and re-conditioning.

- New and used Headsets for sale.

- Consignment sales. 

- Replacement parts both new and used.

-Flight school and Air Operator service plans. 

Why QH Aviation Services?

Did you know that the broken headset you have buried in the back of your aircraft  is (in most cases) easily and cheaper to repair than replace with new? 

Did you know you can upgrade your existing headset with more modern features? 

Did you know you can purchase brand new headsets with the same features as those flashy expensive ones you see around the local FBO but at a fraction of the price? 

Well if you didn't, you have come to the right place!

  I do everything from repairs, reconditioning to modifications, to brand new headsets at great prices.     

Contact for details! 

Please visit the Google drive link towards the bottom of this page for the headset service form which needs to accompany each headset you send in for service. 


Victoria BC

4218 Quadra st Victoria bc V8X1L4 Canada